Tyco Fire Products

Project Overview:

Complete factory renovation, including installing visual management and LEAN practices, as well as production lines efficiencies and TPM practices.

Project resource:

3 x Change experts, delivered within 12 months.


Project description:

Tyco fire products was underperforming within the rest of its global group in terms of plant efficiency and output, which was having a detrimental effect on its ability to bring in new work into its plant.


The plant had seen no major investment in over 30 years and was visibly underwhelming to customers when viewing the facility.


It was clear that not only did the plant need and organisational re-structuring, which was being carried out at the time, but the entire facility needed to be transformed into a high performing efficient plant.


Our specialist consultancy team started with the complete visual renovation of the plant including, new sky lights, improved lighting, painted walls ceilings and floor renovation, which included key floor markets for material flow and vehicle and pedestrian traffic, and also improvements to the outside car parking facilities.


Next, old linear manual assembly areas were replaced with new U-shaped cells which maximised operator efficiency and improved material flow throughout the factory. These new cells were made from extruded aluminium and were easier to clean, operate and maintain.


The visual transformation of the factory allowed for separate Kaizen events to occur concurrently in separate departments at once, and instilled key lean principles into the operators with techniques such as 5S and TPM now common place and completed instinctively, instead of reluctantly.


With the new methods of operation, a restructured organisational structure, a visually more appealing factory, and Lean principles installed to maintain the new high standard of cleanliness, efficiencies’ in production were observed across every production line including the more automated lines.


Tyco Fire Products in now in prime position to acquire new work and continue to expand its operations and improve on operations into the future.


“This transformation has allowed us to become a more efficient operations team which is inspired our customer base and allowed us to pitch for work otherwise out of our reach previously. A very successful transformation, and I couldn’t be prouder of what has been achieved here” – Peter Noblett, Plant factory manager.