The branding behind Volta

This is the Journey we took in creating Volta, and how we use our branding to spread our message, our values, our inspiration, and our passion to every corner of manufacturing, in order to create a world class consultancy.

In February of 2018, it all started with our CEO, Luke Mullins. Whose passion for problem solving, manufacturing, and coaching individuals into successful teams, culminated in his passion to build a brand around solving the problems companies often have while trying to undergo a massive change project by themselves.

But to achieve this goal, the business first needed a brand….and so a journey began to find the perfect partners to help achieve this. Someone who understood the values and principles Luke wanted to instil into his customers, and someone who had the creative genius to achieve the extremely high standards expected to deliver at a world class level.

Those partners were found in the branding agency Ultimate Creative Communications ( They had this to say about the process;

“Starting a new business can often be a significant life changing event in a person’s life. It is the culmination of a build-up of ideas, experience and the overwhelming self-belief that you are going to create something different, something worthwhile and something successful. Luke Mullins, CEO of Volta, had that confidence. Ultimate relished the opportunity to go on that journey with him, taking his brilliant ideas and presenting them in a compelling way that would live long in the audience’s memory.” – Amy Townsend 

With Ultimate, now being a part of the Volta family, the journey to clearly articulate the USPs (unique selling points) of Volta began.

What’s in a name? 

So why Volta? Well, in poetry, the volta or turn, is a rhetorical shift or dramatic change in thought and/or emotion. This is what the team at Volta will deliver with each and every project.

With Volta, we have created a modern, engaging and dynamic brand that highlights and celebrates the company’s unique approach. The 3 Pillars of Successful Change are front and centre throughout, represented by a set of the three triangles. Inspired by Venn diagrams, in which three shapes overlap and indicate where a commonality can be found, we constructed three triangles of our own. Each of these triangles can stand alone, just like the individual aspects of change, but when they come together a common goal can be achieved. That is the essence of the 3 Pillars of Successful Change, PEOPLE, TOOLS and DATA.

The meaning behind the word “volta” is just as important the name of the company itself.

We want people to think differently about change. We want people to know that sometimes change does mean that things will be different, but different can have a beautiful outcome, just like when a Volta is used in poetry.

It is only by thinking differently, or by creating a dramatic change, does innovation truly occur.

At the same time however, you need to go about implementing change in a structured way in order to ensure the full benefit is achieved, this is where the Volta was born.