MMC fittings

Project Overview:

Development of RFID/ QR technology embedded within the company’s pipe coupling products and allow a proof of concept demonstration to capital investment firms and, presentation of business proposal of new technology to potential investment partners.

Project resource:

1 x Change expert, delivered within 3 months.


Project description:

MMC fittings were looking to expand their revolutionary prototype mechanical pipe joining solution into the global water and wastewater markets, while also looking for capital investment from global pipe manufacturing companies. This would eliminate the need for electrofusion and/or butt fusion welding joints, ensuring a more secure, leak free fitting.


Volta was employed to ensure that the business projections for the development of the product were both in line with the markets demands and customer requirements for the water and wastewater industries, and to generate proposal documentation to indicate future growth and product sales figures against those market projections.


The development of the GRIP STRIP system also allowed for embedded sensor technology such as RFID and QR technology to allow predictive maintenance for pipe solutions. Volta explored the proof of concept for this technology and was able to provide working prototypes during key investment proposal meetings.


Volta both generated the business proposal documents which would allow for capital investment in the form for a business plan, but also explored and demonstrated a proof of concept for the RFID technology to be an integral part of the couplings design.


Because of this, MMC fittings now have a world class pipe coupling system that is not only one the world’s first mechanical fittings of its kind, but also can be integrated into smart pipelines. This allows for better compliance for repair and installation, but also is able to predict pipeline failures and can identify potential points of failure within the system.


“We knew we had a world class pipe joining solution, and Volta really helped to ensure that we could demonstrate the potential success of our products to our global partners and investors. They were key in identify key customers for us, and potential roadblocks throughout the development of the product” – Terry Cummins, Managing Director, MMC fittings.