Landis & Gyr

Project Overview:

Factory relocation and department expansion, including HSE and ergonomic improvements to production areas. New 6-axis robotics technology for electronic component testing and sorting.

Project resource:

3 x Change experts, delivered within 10 months.


Project description:

Landis & Gyr was experiencing massive projected growth over the next 5 years, due to the deployment of Smart Gas meters installed across millions of homes in the UK, helped in part by new government legislation for mandatory installation of smart meters for all new build homes.


Therefore Landis & Gyr required to rapidly expand their manufacturing operations and capabilities. The main factory bottleneck was in the transducer manufacturing department, which needed to 4x its volume over the coming 2 years, and then predicted to expand further after these 2 years, while still having only manual processes and little to no automation.


The project was tasked to relocate the transducer department into a new factory location so that it could be expanded, and all outdated manufacturing processes could be replaced. This new factory needed to contain separate chemical mixing facilities, CNC machining areas, electronic testing equipment and manual assembly areas.


A new 10,000sqft location was identified and fit out of new smart HVAC and LEV systems were installed along with downflow booths. Along with improving key areas of health and safety for the operators as a primary metric of success, the next big step came in terms on introducing new technology, which could cope with the complexity and throughput of the new facility.


A new CNC rotary transfer system was commissioned and installed, along with a new 6-axis robotic testing laboratory to ensure improved product accuracy and quality.


The journey was vitally important to the operators, and the key consideration throughout was that the operators needed to be able to embrace the new working facility and be capable of operating the more complex equipment now in use in production. As an acknowledgement of this fact, key operators were chosen to lead specific project tasks and oversee elements of training and upskilling of other team members.


The success criteria for the project relied upon a multitude of changes happening at the same time, including improving health, safety and ergonomics, new factory location, improved flow of materials, upskilling of staff and support functions, new methods of management controls, and capacity to expand further as and when required.


Landis & Gyr was successful in all of these areas and was able to minimise disruption to the current manufacturing operations, effectively enabling of both factories to operate simultaneously independent of each other, while fit out and upgrades were being deployed.


“The new facility and equipment have allowed us to ensure that future growth can be achieved while improving on product quality, and a safer working environment for all of our staff. A project that both our staff and customers can be proud of us for delivering.” Phil Smith, head of operations, Project sponsor.


“Our new factory is a perfect place for us to be proud of the work we do, and it lets us grow and expand with the company at the same time. The new robots have allowed us to work more efficiently and with less mistakes” – Sue McCord, transducer manufacturing team leader.