Project Overview:

Technical upgrade to main padded bag production line, including new in-feed equipment and automated segregation of outfeed product. Implementation of TPM Lean techniques to maximise output and minimise changeover time with new equipment.

Project resource:

1 x Change expert, delivered within 6 months.


Project description:

Consistent steady growth in one particular product range meant that Jiffy packaging was experiencing severed bottle necks within in production. With operators working 24 hours a day 7 days a week, the management team at jiffy knew that investment for new equipment was desperately needed in order to cover customer demand.
However, lead time on new equipment was 9months, and with demand constantly growing, they were failing to meet customer orders and deadlines.


The task given to Volta was to increase volume on the current equipment, while not disrupting current production volume’s, as no machine downtime was acceptable outside of planned maintenance.


After investigating standard work methodology and introducing LEAN principles to maximise operating time verses maintenance and changeover activities, production volume’s increased by 8% initially.


The main priority here was to remove any unnecessary steps during the changeover activities, by prioritising task that could be completed while still in production (such as setting up new materials sizes for the next order). Next maintenance was streamlined by introduction TPM methods and activities, ensuring parts were more accessible, and allowing operators to perform some tasks as the same times as the maintenance being carried out.


The main challenge was to introduce new in-feed equipment and automated segregation of the outfeed production and installing this equipment during changeovers to limit the impact to production. By alternating the way, the material would feed into the heating elements, this meant that the material was less susceptible to jamming and caused un-planned downtime, and segregation of the outfeed materials meant that the operator would not need to stop the machine in order to perform this task.


Altogether, these changes allowed the production at Jiffy Packaging to increase overall by 12% per hour, ultimately allowing the time needed in production for new automated equipment to be installed.


“The improvements made to our padded bags production areas we invaluable in setting up our team for success, the improvement made contributed to an increase in a further 15% increase in order intake, giving us increased revenue of around £1.2million. A huge achievement for all involved, and a great measure of success for the business as a whole” – Steven Parker – Head of UK production and logistics, Jiffy project sponsor.