Silo vs interconnected departments

How do we get maximum efficiency with the same resources? Within many hierarchical corporations such as those within the manufacturing sector, you can very often observe within a day or so, by being inside those corporations, that the inter-dependant departments do not effectively operate as if they are all the same company. Unfortunately, it is … Continued

Gemba Academy podcast

Our CEO talks to Gemba Academy LLC on their podcast this week about the future of Lean with the introduction of industry 4.0, and how leaders can prepare for changes ahead. In this episode you’ll learn: The quote that inspires Luke (2:23) The concept of Industry 4.0 (3:35) Luke’s background (5:34) About his company Volta (8:19) … Continued

Future skills for those in manufacturing

  The ‘skills gap’ is a longstanding issue in manufacturing that is consistently a topic for great discussion. It has been always been difficult to recruit for highly skilled and experienced positions within the sector, and it would seem that this problem is not likely to go away any time soon.However, one possible solution that … Continued

The future role of AI in manufacturing

AI (artificial intelligence) is just one among many of the advances at the forefront of the new wave of disruptive technologies spearheading our new industrial revolution (industry4.0). AI is set to change not just our manufacturing facilities but also our entire lives, from the algorithms that dictate our Facebook and Twitter feeds, to our voice … Continued

Factory of the future

We cannot predict the future of manufacturing, but what is known, is that the factory of the future will not be a ‘one size fits all solution’ instead every manufacturer will need to undergo a journey of discovery and answer this question for themselves. The topic of the ‘factory of the future’ is of course … Continued

3 Ways to improve your shop floor efficiency today

In manufacturing the greatest challenge is not particularly how much ‘stuff’ you make, but it’s the price at which you call sell that ‘stuff’, and the subsequent profit that is produced. It comes down to simple math, how much can we produce a part for, and how much profit can we sell it for? The … Continued

The branding behind Volta

This is the Journey we took in creating Volta, and how we use our branding to spread our message, our values, our inspiration, and our passion to every corner of manufacturing, in order to create a world class consultancy. In February of 2018, it all started with our CEO, Luke Mullins. Whose passion for problem … Continued

Why I started Volta

A big part of the design process when creating a brand is being able to clearly articulate why the project means so much, you have to make the designers, web developers and graphic artists believe in what it is you are trying to achieve. For me the best way to explain why Volta means so … Continued